Modifying Agricultural Lands Into An Ecological Corridor Along The Stream In The Heart Of A Residential Area.
Hod Hasharon, Israel
619,000 (sqm)
Residential/ Urban park

The HR/1310 Masterplan

is a mid-rise residential project which aims to connect Hod Hasharon’s “Hadar” stream to its public parks - “Beit Hanaara” and the “Four Seasons Park” in order to create one continuous green corridor in the heart of the city. The plan gives extra attention to water drainage and utilizes the floods in this area to create a water system which allows for both irrigation of public parks and low water flow in the stream. All while separating clean water from grey-water through an underground overflow duct.

The plan aims to create a spacious green residential area which is well connected for pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicle use, it offers a linear bike/footpath along the central “Hadar” park that allows easy access to every part of the neighbourhoods and green getaway at once.