Shoham Hadarim

The Quarry Visitor Center, Natural Reserves, And Reclaimed Artificial Pond And Stream Encircle A Mid-Rise Residential Neighborhood.
South Shoham | Israel
543,000 (sqm)
Mid-rise neighborhood with 1,444 units, reclaimed streams, parks, bridges, and amphitheater.

The two streams (Nabalat & Beit Arif)

define a Ripanian open space system including 5 steel bridges of unique design, creating the connection to the Hadar quarter which otherwise would be cutoff from the main town. Total design including urban spaces, sidewalk & building facades, as well as extensive & intensive open spaces, stream reclamation, acoustic barriers as well as quarry reclamation & adaptive reuse as an amphitheatre for 2000 visitors, stage & future visitor centre as well as campgrounds for “Cross Israel Trail Angels”, Landscape, lake and stream design as well as bridge architecture.  


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