KSM - West End Group Architects and Environmental Planners pursues projects combining site and landform with unique built environments. Our multi-cultural staff and Mediterranean location influence our approach to design which is people oriented, warm and responsive. From our home on the ancient shores of the Eastern Mediterranean, we strive to reach out and serve projects of peoples and cultures seeking our services. We are active in projects in the Near East and Central Asia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, and the U.S.A.

Clients, users and specialists are intensively involved at an early stage of the design process. We try to bring creative magic to the creation of each new place while carefully and painstakingly stitching into the context of the historic site environment, be it natural or urban.

Conceptual designs can be processed quickly, and adjusted to client reactions and needs creating a high degree of resolution of the design and encouraging insights leading to specific innovative solutions. Our broad professional range; environmental, architectural, and landscape, allows for a broad range of products including urban designs, transportation corridors, parks , promenades, resorts and hotel landscapes, water , pool, and sports complexes, as well as environmental and landscape reclamation and sustainability . Recently KSM has developed its architectural department which designs small and medium residential and public buildings as well as historic architectural conservation.

We believe that fine contemporary design is borderless, that it crosses and mixes traditional cultural and socioeconomic barriers as well as traditional professional categories of specialization. We see today the rapid emergence of new forms of architecture and environmentally sustainable planning and design as a response to a world of rapid population growth, associated environmental stresses, and digital speed of technological advancement clashing with old world values, methods and cultures. As designer-planners we see our role as creating peace between these two processes thru a sensitivity and respect for both human tradition and for modern science and technologies.