Royal Garden Suites Resort


Royal Garden Suites Resort, Eilat

Exterior Landscape, Pool and Hardscape Architecture

The site of this 400 unit hotel has no ocean frontage so Isrotel's owners demanded an introverted scheme which would contain all the drama and action of the sea front resorts. The design team of SCI from California and Bruce Levin of KSM created a language of waterfalls, water temples, and waterslides, a unique sand bottom pool, and lush tropical growth. In this desert oasis, 2000 square meters of water surface below the heads of palms and flowering tropical trees.

A family resort, the sand beach and kinder land- with adjacent large tot's pool-day care and playground has something for all ages. The use of over 7000 low voltage and fiber optical light sources creates special night magic. A large four meter flue cascades over hundreds of fiber optical threads, which change color gradually and constantly. Exotic materials, red desert stone, bamboo, mosaic, and tropical water plants and fish all add to the richness of the Royal Garden's



Tourism and Hospitality




Red Sea, Eilat, Israel