Nikanor Gates' - Quadraplex on Maronite Hill, Old Jaffo'


Sharrey Nikanor, Jaffa

The structure is a multi-unit residential building comprised of two roof and two garden duplex units.  Apartments are spacious averaging 200 s.m. with basement garage parking, storage rooms  and attached basement level studios.

Gardens are approximately 85 s.m. and roof terraces approximately 85 s.m.

The building consists of basement level, entry level, first floor level  and roof level.

Design of the building is by K.S.M .Architects with Avi Meir acting as architect of signature.

 The building is sited on a slope of the “Maronite Hill” in El Ajami, Jaffa.

 Although the building is entirely new, design is in keeping with the 19th century Lebanese “Liwan Style” however with a modern roof level in Terra Cotta Cladding.

The street level cladding and window frames are in traditional sandstone (Kurkar),  and the buildings mid-levels are stuccoes in a light mustard and tomato pink tone.  Crafted wooden fenestrations and doors on the ground and first level along with traditional Jaffa railings and oval openings create a fusion of old and new.

 Apartments are inverted with living rooms above and bedrooms below in order to maximize views.






Residential and Mixed Use


In progress


Shaarei Nikanor 33, Jaffa, Israel