Suspended in Givatayim


KSM - West End Group won the competition for this steel pedestrian bridge over a busy thoroughfare in the heart of the city of Givatayim. The bridge connects the north and south sides of the city, city parks, educational institutions and the central indoor shopping center. 

The cost constraints demanded by the city (budget of $1.3Million) guided us in keeping the design and detailing clean and simple. The steel suspension bridge is made of two tilted parabolas which meet each other at the apex. The steel pipe and wood deck flooring is hung from the arches by means of ridged tensioned connectors. The railing uses ridged steel profiles as well as stainless steel tensioned cables and tensioned steel netting. 

Completed in 2012.


"Suspended in Givatayim"- Bridge Design- Build Competition

The city of Givatayim announced a design - build competition for a 60 meter span pedestrian bridge over Rabin Boulevard, connecting the City Mall and northern neighborhoods to the southern city neighborhoods, providing a safe and comfortable access for the heavy pedestrian traffic in this area.


KSM developed the bridge concept, along with Engineer Itzhak Stern (Yad Engineers) and the Linom Construction Company.  The award winning design strives to create a light and elegant steel suspension bridge whose fine form creates a new   urban iconic landmark of modern yet modest proportions.


  The design merges effortlessly with the public park  , and surrounding commercial and residential structures and will and will add a large measure of safety and accessibility to the city center.



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