Barnea Coastal Promenade


Barnea Coastal Promenade

The design for the Barnea Coastal Promenade was formulated in conjunction with master plan for a Mediterranean resort complex allowing for

more than 3000 units amongst 8 hotel sites. Master plan for the building sites is being designed by the prominent Israeli architect, Yacov Recter. The 2.5 kilometer stretch of beautiful Ashkelon coast sits 15 meters above the sandstone cliffs. The promenade begins at the new Ashkelon Marina complex and moves to the northern city limits. A series of five urban plazas surrounded by colonnaded restaurants and cafe’s , allow access between the hotel sites and lead to the sea. The promenade which shall connect the divergent plaza designs with a continuous stone path eight meters wide.

The promenade travels over a viaduct with paths from the hotels connecting down to the southern beach on serpentine paths through rock gardens planted with native coastal shrubs.

The first plaza has a large reflection pool whose waters merge with the Mediterranean waters on the horizon. The following plaza contains two full sized ancient war galleons, one Philistine and the other Egyptian. A traditional Sheik’s Grave with domed plastered roof is to be preserved and will remain as reminder of the rich cultural history of this ancient Philistine settlement. Following plazas contain a modern obolisqe set in a sunken court and to the north, an underground parking structure with handicapped access to the beaches. The roof of the parking structure is also a plaza surrounded by restaurants and commercial facilities, and will contain a large “soft” plaza

with a bandstand and tensile structural shell for concerts and cultural events.

The entire project is to be built out in phases and is expected to take ten to fifteen years to buildout.



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