Story Gardens of Holon


Story Gardens of Holon

After winning a competition in 1997 to create a theme park and playground in the Herzel Park of Holon, KSM was later chosen to create a long time dream of city Mayor and City Manager. To create the story gardens located in a new high density residential neighborhood, the City Parks Department invites artists to create classical children's stories in three dimensional representations with KSM providing overall design and coordination.

By now, more that 25 such installations have been created in the city with more than 12 concentrated in the "Gan Sipur"- Story Park. Not only does the park offer the usual recreational facilities to the residents, but serves as a dynamic educational –cultural tool. Parents and teachers come each day with young children at beginning stages of reading. The children become acquainted with the story and author via an interactive -hands on experience in the story park. Then the child can go to the new Media-Tech Library just a block away, and take out the actual book to read at home. The Story Park has been a success for adults as well. The new residential apartments surrounding the park have been outselling comparable developments in the region and are in high demand. . The project has provided fertile collaboration between writers, sculpture artists and graphic artists.

The cultural value of children's literature has been given a real boost. A new generation in this age of internet is learning to love books and literature.

After seven years of KSM building story parks, no end to the story is in view!



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